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Profession Guardianship

AgeCare is a non-profit professional guardianship company. Our purpose is to be a resource for families by providing limited and plenary guardianship care for incapacitated persons and persons with developmental disabilities.  A percentage of all funds generated by AgeCare go to support academic scholarships.

Professional Guardians manage the daily living affairs of persons who have been judged by the courts to have lost the capacity to manage their own affairs or who are minors.  Courts appoints guardians to assumes some or all the rights of the ward to make decisions about many aspects of daily life.

AgedCARE  Guardianship services.

  • Adult guardianship
  • Minor guardianship
  • Guardianship for persons with disabilities
  • Medicare benefits and asset management
  • Pro-bono and indigent care guardianship
  • Voluntary Guardianship
  • Veteran guardianship

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The Hartage Foundation

Hartage Foundation Scholarships

The foundation supports extraordinary first year college students who otherwise would be unable to meet tuition requirements without scholarships.

College scholarship awards are generally made to African American students in their hometown of Orlando, Florida and the surrounding counties of Orange, Lake, Seminole and Osceola Counties or who are Hartage descendants and who intend to enroll in STEM programs.  However, they sometime will accept applications nationwide.

Scholarship Application qualifications

  • High School graduate
  • High school GPA 3.0 or higher
  • First year college student
  • Enrolling in a STEM college curriculum
  • Application period: November 1st – 15st of February
  • Application Available October 15st

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Early Learning Program

Hartage Family STEM Daycare - We engage children from low income families in learning environments that involve then with the world around them in ways that promote learning related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Our "learn through play" programs provide a comfortable and stimulating center that immerse students in playful activities that are proven to provide lasting learning experiences, promote problem solving, imagination and curiosity.

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Hartage Foundation Charities


Non-profit Tax Deductible Giving

The Hartage Foundation is a non-profit 501 3(c) philanthropic organization that funds educational scholarships for African American college students entering STEM fields, Professional Guardianship services and STEM early childhood learning programs. The Hartage Foundation was started by Rosemary and Homer Hartage.

The Hartage Foundation ask for support and donations to the causes we support.  Tax deductible donation are encouraged from individual, social organization, other foundations and corporations.

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We care about giving

Upcoming actions

Visit this site often for updates on scholarship application forms. We are currently updating our website to automate the application process. You will be able to complete the applications online and upload essays and supporting information.

Updates coming soon.

Coming in September we begin our fall scholarship fundraising drive. This will include events, an online donation portal and a way for donors to specify which STEM field they prefer their donations to apply to.

Donation portal is in development and a Go Fund Me page coming soon.

Our professional guardianship program makes major expansion into four Florida counties. Now offering guardianship of person and estate in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola Counties. 

Contact us for information on guardianship service. A portion of all profits generated from guardianship services go toward college STEM scholarships.